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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 2. 222 p.
I.A. Gar'kina, A.M. Danilov Educational system cognitive modelling V.P. Zhukovskiy, K.M. Zaynetdinova, N.A. Zhukovskaya Professional readiness of the head of an educational organisation for management activities A.G. Samohvalova, A.R. Naumov, A.V. Vorontsova Role of additional education organisations and core classes in the choice of future profession: research experience T.V. Chetvertnykh Comprehensive content of formative evaluation A.A. Vorontsova, Ye.N. Shipkova Analysis of the experience of private tutoring activities with children with limited health opportunities
A.B. Eidel'man Features of subjective age and psychological well-being at young age D.L. Ivankova Life competency formation in the period of emerging adulthood P.I. Kamenskiy Association of the specifics of interpersonal dependence with subjective well-being in adulthood A.V. Makhnach Characteristics of structure of a foster family and its viability N.V. Shamanin, V.Ye. Lapshin Features of professional self-determination in various types of families (on the material of dynasties) D.V. Ganin The specificity of the relationship of interpersonal relationship and self-relationship of the elderly D.O. Markov Social-psychological aspects of academic motivation of students at the higher levels of continuing education L.A. Khrisanfova, S.V. Sokolovskaya, L.S. Rukavishnikova Comparative analysis of the leading motives of students of various specialties from a position of compliance with professional competences Ye.N. Orekhova, A.G. Samokhvalova Dynamics of communicative difficulties of students who learn a foreign language, in situations of intercultural communication T.E. Sizikova, O.A. Durachenko Principles of systematisation of customer's psychological issues in reflexive psychological advice D.I. Kechil, A.M. Andreyev Psychological readiness of psychologists to service activities (in terms of psychologists of service activities of the penitentiary service of the Russian Federation) I.Ye. Boboshko, L.A. Zhdanova Characteristics of adaptation opportunities of children of different types of psychosomatic constitution
N.N. Kazymova, N.Ye. Kharlamenkova, D.A. Nikitina Severe life events and their psychological consequences: loss or threat of loss of a close person A.O. Aripova, T.L. Kryukova Emotional support: the concept and forms
A.V. Vorontsova Formation of design competences in students in the course of development of a subject matter of "Basics of project activities" I.V. Serafimovich, O.A. Belyayeva Professionalisation of thinking and psychological-pedagogic training of pedagogues for working with personal results of pupils using workshop facilities S.G. Korostelyova Discussion as an active method of teaching during a future teacher’s professional training A.M. Loshchakov Psychological and pedagogic support of harmonisation of interethnic relations of students in the structure of the course "Life Safety" V.A. Pogonyshev, D.A. Pogonysheva, Ye.I. Morozova Preparation of future entrepreneurs in the educational medium of university N.P. Pomortseva, Ye.G. Solov'yova, T.V. Morozova Professional adaptation of students majoring in linguistics in the prism of the academic tutorship Ya.A. Glazova Organisation of work on the pedagogic support of the formation of personality in the networked form of the implementation of educational programmes A.I. Sergiyenko Pedagogic conditions of moral and psychological training of stydents in the educational process of a military higher education institution A.V. Shinkarenko Extreme сompetency officer: content-structural characteristics and formation model
Ye.S. Smirnova The use of case technologies at the lessons of Mathematics and Informatics with the purpose of formation of metasubject educational results of pupils D.Kh. Godina, G.P. Yakovleva, I.I. Yaroslavskaya ESP as a motivating stimulus for obtaining knowledge by students of non-linguistic university N.N. Novikova Project work in university foreign language teaching: an important step towards learner autonomy N.K. Dmitriyeva Interdisciplinary approach principles’ implementation in the process of teaching professionally-oriented foreign language L.R. Isayeva, Ye.V. Shestakova Introduction of professsional military vocabulary at RFL classes A.A. Yegorova, O.V. Sergeyeva The role of a linguistic club in the foreign language communicative competency development Ye.Yu. Filimonova, D.Kh. Godina, Ye.V. Kaliberdina Educational potential of the topic "Media" for developing students’ lexical competence: the case of British course books N.V. Gorbachyova Kinesthetics as a factor of pedagogic effectiveness of vocal and choral education of primary school pupils
S.I. Doroshenko, Ye.G. Zharkova The arts interplay in the general labour school of the 1920s V.I. Kovba, Ye.A. Chugunov, O.D. Chugunova Books written by this female Kostroma resident have brought up numerous generations: the contribution of Aleksandra Ishimova to the historical enlightenment of Russia’s children and youth
O.M. Khomutova Investigations of pedagogues' attitudes to inclusive education and to children with disabilities in foreign scientific journals
T.V. Ludanova The third all-Russia scientific and practical conference "Culture and Art in Modern Educational Medium" in Kostroma State University