Tatyana V. Sutyagina
Kostroma State University
Elena M. Karpova
Kostroma State University
Svetlana A. Smirnova
Kostroma State University
Creating spaces... Inclusive communities and individual (in)visibility
Sutyagina T.V., Karpova E.M., Smirnova S.A. Creating spaces... inclusive communities and individual (in)visibility. Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics, 2021, vol. 27, № 2, pp. 196-199 (In Russ.). https://doi.org/10.34216/2073-1426-2021-27-2- 196-199
DOI: https://doi.org/10.34216/2073-1426-2021-27-2- 196-199
УДК: 159.9:316.6
Publish date: 2021-05-19
Annotation: On May 17-21, 2021 at the Christian boarding school in Darmstadt (the Federal Republic of Germany), the International Week “Creating Spaces... Inclusive Societies and Individual (In)Visibility” was held, which is described in this article. The focus of the international week included the trajectories of the life of a modern subject in the face of the challenges of our time.
Keywords: international science week, socio-pedagogic practice of working with children, technologies of active longevity, personal psychological well-being, life trajectories of disabled people, formation of tolerance of at primary school
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Author's info: Tatyana V. Sutyagina, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Kostroma State University, st980@mail.ru, https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7998-2072
Co-author's info: Elena M. Karpova, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Kostroma State University, elenakarpovva@yandex.ru, 0000-0003-1291-3838
Co-author's info: Svetlana A. Smirnova, Candidate of Cultural Studies, Kostroma State University, grace-noire@yandex.ru, https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1276-7167