Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2023. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2023. № 3. p.170
T.V. Masharova, Iu. S. Bukreeva Functional literacy as a pedagogical problem A.A. Shapedko The program of inclusion in the search activity of older adolescents and youth as a means of social hardening V.N. Yakunin Methods of prevention of risky behavior of high school students using moral hardening A.A. Redka Development of professional self-consciousness of students: diagnostic results and content of pedagogical maintenance
M.A. Shachinova Spiritual and moral guidelines for the personality of volunteers: a qualitative study M.A. Klenova, N.V. Usova, A.I. Zagranichniy Experiencing psychological stress against the background of partial mobilization in Russia Yu.A. Tokareva, A.A. Efimova Structural and content aspects of the educational activities of fathers of different nationalities M.M. Dostanov Comparison of spontaneous and thematic play in modern preschool children E.G. Troshikhina, G.V. Navdushevich Personal predictors of assertiveness in adolescence and early youthful period M.D. Redkina, A.A. Maksimenko, O.S. Deyneka The attitude of senior pupils to the role of a witness to cyberbullying V.V. Semikin, A.I. Anisimov, P.A. Maleeva Important life goals and attitudes towards health in student age E.V. Skvortsova, Yu.V. Slobodchikova Social and communicative competence of sales managers at the initial stage of professionalization
Y.V. Misiyk, I.V. Tikhonova, S.A. Khazova About some factors of stress generation of parental role in ‟intensive” parents E.A. Bragina, L.I. Eremina Coping Behavior of Primary School Teachers with various professional experience
A.V. Emelyanenkova, M.Y. Aitkarimova Personal and social aspect of psychological diagnosis of children with mental disorders in medical and social expertise
A.S. Babenko, A.Ni. Smirnova, E.R. Bayanova, D.D. Volkova Technology of application of educational quests in mathematics lessons N.M. Ivanova Museum pedagogy as a means of forming cognitive interest in nature in older preschool children
E.V. Osipova, E.Yu. Borisenko, I.A. Kirilova The influence of psychophysiological characteristics of students on the learning process in a distance format (based on student self-observation) E.M. Filippova,A.A. Rybanov, O.V. Sviridova Methodical system of equalizing training of computer science students in the preparation of technical specialists in the areas of 09.03.01 «Computer Science and computer engineering» and 09.03.04 «Software engineering»
E.M. Kharlanova, N.V. Sivrikova, S.V. Buravova, K.V. Vikulov The influence of experience of participation in public associations on the subjective well-being of adolescents