Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2023. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2023. № 1. p.162
I.V. Prikhoda, E.V. Zhivora Conditional periodisation of concepts and formation methods of readiness for professional activity in modern pedagogy M.V. Gruzdev, A.M. Khodyrev Methodology of studying values and meanings of teacher education: hermeneutical approach An.Ed. Simanovsky Proof of the truth of hypothetical means and conditions in pedagogic research S.K. Bessarab, A.V. Vorontsova Value-rich educational environment as a condition for the formation of an information culture of a person T.V. Polovkova Technological readiness of teachers: a foreign literature review N.I. Zavodchikova, I.А. Bikova, U.V. Plyasunova Digital tools for managing the process of methodological skills formation A.Vl. Chagina Self-efficacy and empathy of the Russians teachers
L.A. Dluzhnevskaya, I.G. Dluzhnevsky “Relational homeˮ as a strategy for an intersubjective psychoanalytic approach to working with the consequences of psychic trauma O.Y. Reeva The role of maternal emotional attitude in the development of self-consistency in over-fives children
L.Al. Zhdanova, I.V. Ivanova, I.Ev. Boboshko Medical and social characteristics of risk factors of family history of adolescents
E.I. Barabanova Personal-oriented approach as basis in learning oral and written speech while teaching foreign languages K.G. Chiknaverova Teaching vocabulary in the course of legalese and legal translation Wang Dengdeng, N.K. Savelyeva, Li Siyu Methods of teaching graphic-symbolic analysis in the literary and cultural-historical context of the 20th century (in terms of the novel ‟The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov)
D.O. Filatov Studying the relationship of reliability and success in the educational and professional activities of college students M.Vl. Alaev, A.V. Titovsky, P.A. Kondratiev, A.B. Egorov Adaptation of first-year students to the conditions of the educational environment by means of physical culture and sports E.A.Mityukov Psychological and pedagogic support for the development of the self-concept of a student in the educational environment of a military training centre Menshikova A.N. Development of professional competencies of future designers based on an individually differentiated approach in professional design education E.Yu. Glazova, N.Yu. Shepeleva Modern methods and technologies of teaching foreign languages in non-linguistic specialties at university I.V. Rodionova, N.K. Mayatskaya Formation of communicative competency of foreign students in a multicultural environment of higher education
A.G. Filipova, I.N. Bukhtiyarova, E.M. Skrypnikova Social activity of children and public organisations: resources, limitations and opportunities for participation