Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2022. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2022. № 4. p.146
L.N. Danilova Psychological and pedagogical profile of the alpha generation O.V. Minovskaia Designing a game program in a camp for children Zhang Xiaoling Moral education in the course “Introducation to chinese tea culture”
M.M. Dostanov Specifics of modern spontaneous play in preschool children N.S. Degovtsev, G.B. Gorskaya, S.V. Fomichenko Harmonization of the relationship of adolescent athletes with the immediate social environment as a resource for strengthening self-esteem E.V. Goncharenko, Z.Ya. Mikvabiya, S.N. Argun, S.B. Taisaeva, A.A. Jokua, E.V. Polyakova, D.A. Molev Genesis and psychological role of self-purification and grooming gestures in human pantomimic production S.I. Konzhin, P.I. Kamensky Development and testing of a verbal role-playing game “High voltageˮ as a method for diagnosing risk readiness M.Av. Akopova The study of the influence of perception of different information sources on the mnemic processes of students Tong Li, A.G. Samohvalova Psychological well-being of Russian and Chinese students
E.A. Bragina, L.А. Belozerova, A.V. Romanova Coping-behavior of teachers with different professional experience E.N. Dymova Experience of traumatic situations and symptoms of post-traumatic stress in men with experience of sports injury
A.N. Mironova Mastering of subject-oriented technologies by undergraduate students I.V. Popova, A.I. Sazonov, N.А. Shishkina Formation of readiness for professional activity of technical university students as a psychological and pedagogical problem T.M. Trofimenko, S.Ig. Moskaleva, M.V. Zimina The role of evaluation tools in the formation of linguistic competence of students of non-linguistic specialties
V.A. Groshenkova, S.A. Shabalina Preventive speech therapy work with young children in a preschool educational organization U.Yu. Sevastyanova Specifics of parental stress in parents of children with disabilities
D.B. Vorontsov, Zh.A. Zakharova, T.E. Korovkina, M.A. Raikina Socio-pedagogical and psychological-pedagogical activity: current problems, achievements, innovations M.V. Saporovskaya, T.L. Kryukova, S.Ab. Khazova, E.V. Tikhomirova News of the Kostroma School of Psychology: about the VI International Scientific Conference ‟Psychology of Stress and Coping Behavior: Stability and Variability of Relationships, Individuals, Groups in the Age of Uncertainty” O.N. Vericheva, S.V. Boitsova, N.I. Mamontova, Yu.V. Rumyantsev Technological approach as the basis of practice-oriented models of social work with the elderly and the disabled
M.M. Kashapov The scientific heritage of Valery Alexandrovich Yakunin is a resource basis for modern research in pedagogical psychology