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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2022. № 2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2022. № 2. 186 p.
M.Ios. Rozhkov, I.V. Ivanova Collective and interpersonal relations of modern children T.V. Popova, O.Ev. Ermakova, A.An. Dolgova, N.Al. Chernykh, Prospects and risks of gamification implementation in modern education A.V. Vorontsova, S.K. Bessarab Formation of the information culture of the individual in project and research activities M.Al. Zaitseva, I.Yu. Tarkhanova Pedagogic support for youth leadership development in the digital age S.R. Koryakina, E.E. Smirnova Methodology for assessing the schoolchildren’s research competency level
L.Vas. Bayborodova Design of pre-professional pedagogical training of schoolchildren in an educational organization N.M. Ivanova, T.Al. Zimina Formation of prerequisites for financial literacy in children of senior preschool age A.S. Babenko, N.L. Margolina, T.N. Matytsina, A.O. Smirnova, K.E. Shiryaev Complex numbers in the school course of Mathematics and in the perspective model of the final exam
E.A. Sergienko, E.A. Khlevnaya, T.S. Kiseleva, A.A. Nikitina, E.I. Osipenko Emotional Intelligence Test for Adolescents – Development of a Russian-language Methodology T.N. Adeeva, A.S. Skvortzova The real and ideal parent image among representatives of different age groups I.V. Tikhonova Parental States Associated with Stress: Conceptual Discourse and Differentiation D.A. Shmidt Millennials’ Social Representations of a Marriage Partner: a Generational Approach N.S. Shipova Analysis of self-realization in the context of the system model: determinants and consequences T.V. Israelyan Cognitive polyphasia in the representation of mental illness in groups with different religious mentalities S.V. Istomina Psychological support of the process of adaptation of pupils during the transition to the level of basic general education
V.A. Groshenkova Self-education of pedagogues working with disabled children under conditions of a preschool educational organization
A.A. Listvin, M.A. Garth Secondary vocational education: necessity of structural changes S.A. Smirnova Educational potential of problem-based learning as a pedagogic technology in the structure of higher education M.M. Kaplina, S.A. Zhezlova Formation of Tolerance in Foreign Language Learning through the Study of Media Texts E.A. Voevodskaya Podcasts as a means of pedagogic university students’ universal competences development at foreign language classes A.E. Lodkin, D.V. Uglickih, S.An. Petrakova Practice in the system of training future lawyers to work in law enforcement agencies M.G. Yanova, T.S. Tsarskaya Organisational and pedagogic conditions for forming the skills of foreign language professional communication in future physicians Yang Junhong Chinese language anxiety in classroom learning for international students in China: teachers factor