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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. №3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. № 3. 241 p.
Introduction by the Chief Editor
E.A. Okladnikova Roadmap for the future of global education project: designers’ objectives and potential risks E.E. Dmitrieva Diagnostics of the school digital educational environment orientation M.A. Pisarevskaya The attitude of university students to distance learning in the context of the spread of coronavirus A.N. Teslenko Rap as indicator of protest potential of Z generation
S.A. Bashkatov, A.A. Shakhov Analysis of Russian dissertation research on wrong behaviour from the standpoint of the theory of sets by Dimitri Uznadze modified by Aleksandr Asmolov G.V. Ozhiganova Subjectiveness as a basis for the manifestation of spiritual capacities N.S. Shipova Subjective well-being, feelings of happiness and self-attitude: the age aspect A.P. Karabanov, M.A. Varenov Relations between metacognitive processes and differences in framing effect performance I.O. Kuvaeva, A.M. Strelnikova Conceptualisation of the pandemic situation by the recovered people P.Yu. Udachina, M.A. Egikyan The life and existential meaning of the personality of an oncological patient: a meaning analysis of concept Yu.V. Misiyk, S.A. Khazova Study of the expression of attitudes on intensive parenting in Russian women O.Yu. Odintsova Fear of pregnancy and childbirth in women and men: gender aspects and parenting experience A.N. Pronina, L.N. Martynova Identification of differences in the emotional sphere of modern preschoolers from full vs incomplete families M.S. Potarykina Development and testing of methods for identifying police officers prone to illegitimate violence
M.A. Krylova nfluence of cognitive styles on coping behaviour and protective mechanisms of personality E.N. Dymova Post-traumatic stress and psychological well-being of emotionally abused girls A.A. Osminina The outlook rejuvenation activity as coping with stress of aging in middleaged women
T.V. Lodkina, N.V. Dryannykh The structure of professional readiness of future lawyers O.V. Kuldyrkaieva Pedagogic model of professional training of future music teachers in higher education L.А. Savelyeva, M.М. Kashapov, M.I. Savelyeva Assessment of cognitive factors and their relationship with burnout syndrome at different levels of medical education N.G. Lavrentyeva, E.V. Orlova Teaching prosody awareness in spontaneous speech for non-linguistic students A.A. Khusainova, V.V. Sokhranov-Preobrazhensky Formation of readiness of bachelor chemists for professional and pedagogic interaction with students in the context of digitalisation of education
A.S. Grebеnkina Practice-oriented tasks as a means of teaching mathematics o cadets of fire-technical specialties V.N. Sycheva, A.O. Aleynikova The technology of organising the search activity of students of a technical university for the analysis of solutions to applied mathematical problems N.M. Sergeyeva, O.N. Vereshchagina, Ye.N. Prusova Russian anthroponyms at the initial stage of teaching Russian as a foreign language: inguodidactic aspect A.М. Kolyshko The influence of poetic and musical rhythm on the perception and comprehension of an educational text by an Ancient Greek student E.I. Barabanova Theoretical and practical researches of interactive method in learning a foreign language
T.N. Adeeva, I.V. Tikhonova nternal disorder pattern as a predictor of adaptation of disabled adults N.N. Aligaeva Experience in the implementation of the programme of psychological correction of emotional states of disabled convicts
V.A. Kudinov The magic of pedagogy and psychology: essays and interviews for the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Kostroma State University