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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. №2.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. № 2. 205 p.
Anatoliy Grigor’yevich Kirpichnik, the editor-in-chief of the journal «Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics», Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor, of blessed memory
T.P. Opekina, N.S. Shipova Self-realisation, self-actualisation and self-efficacy concepts theoretical analysis S.V. Istomina Formation of constructive strategies of behavior of primary school pupils in conflict with their peers O.V. Khodakovskaia, V.M. Golyanich, A.F. Bondaruk Psychological health: values and self-identification of adolescent schoolchildren A.G. Samohvalova, E.V. Tikhomirova, O.N. Vishnevskaya, N.S. Shipova Subjective well-being of students enrolled in different fields of study O.V. Krasnikova, V.V. Katunova, E.D. Bozhkova Analysis of the problem of preservation and development of psychological health of a pedagogue in Russian educational organisations L.N. Dukhanina, O.S. Deyneka, A.A. Maksimenko, D.A. Lushnikov, I.S. Shapovalova Internet education in the sphere of medicine and the attitude of Russians to their health and vaccination S.V. Kortov, E.V. Patrakov, N.I. Razikova, N.G. Terlyga, D.B. Shulgin A multi-vector model for understanding the risks of innovation: synthesis of psychology, economics and technology E.V. Patrakov Digital transformation of the subject of labour: social interactions, concepts, research perspectives
O.N. Vishnevskaya, A.V. Voroncova, D.B. Voroncov, A.G. Samohvalova, E.V. Tikhomirova Satisfaction of students with the organisation of distance learning at the university during the period of self-isolation N.A. Chernykh, L.I. Matveeva Psychological problems of distance learning part-time students at university V.N. Kleva, V.S. Chernyavskaya Self-relation of persons with different attitudes to the physical “I” in terms of students of different sexes O.V. Konovalova, Ye.A. Shereshkova The relationship between vitality and the level of subjectivity in future pedagogues I.L. Anfi nogenov, O.N. Vericheva Pedagogic assistance to self-realisation of students of the direction of training “Social Work” in the educational space of the university N.A. Novikova The formation of linguocultural competence of students in terms of the Russian-Chinese border (in terms of Transbaikalia)
M.M. Kashapov, A.A. Volchenkova Theory of mind of adolescents in the context of inclusive education N.S. Shipova Personal characteristics and internal picture of the defect in disabled adults I.A. Zolotova The study of the features of the psychological component of gestational dominance as an indicator of the formation of dysfunctional relationships in the ‟mother-child” system in women of different age categories
A.S. Babenko, N.L. Margolina, T.N. Matytsina The influence of distance learning on the level of preparation of participants of the profile-level Mathematics unified exam of the Russian state N.L. Margolina, I.V. Nalimova Mathematical literacy as an important component of preparing a future teacher Yu.S. Kuchina, N.V. Kuchin, M.N. Kogut The value of physical culture and health-improving activity in the physical training of students with weakened health Yu.S. Kuchina Methodology and organisation of health-improving work with students with impaired health E.N. Orekhova Intercultural communication as the basis for effective teaching of foreign languages N.Y. Koroleva Choosing assessment techniques in teaching English for specific purposes
V.S. Sekovanov Valeriy Aleksandrovich Gusev
T.N. Adeeva, S.A. Khazova, Yu.V. Rumyantsev, M.A. Somkina Life trajectories of personality in the modern world: social and individual context O.N. Vericheva, Yu.V. Rumyantsev, N.I. Mamontova, A.A. Smirnova Strategies for social mobility of young handicapped and disabled people in education, health care, culture, employment and recruitment T.V. Sutyagina, E.M. Karpova, S.A. Smirnova Creating spaces... Inclusive communities and individual (in)visibility