Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2021. № 1. 250 p.
I.V. Lobashev, V.D. Lobashev Fractal movement in the visualisation processes A.S. Vlasova Related methodological categories in the conceptual construct of intercultural didactics A.N. Kononov, A.S. Komissarova Qualitative analysis of attitudes to distance learning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic E.V. Patrakov Convergence of playing and working behavior in the context of digitalization of society
M.V. Bychkova Forgiveness as a socio-psychological phenomenon S.A. Kornev Trust as a leading socio-psychological relationship in the experience of existential given R.I. Zekeryaev Empirical study of the influence of the value-sense sphere of a personality on its virtual image: a component of meaningful orientations I.V. Popova, Ye.А. Serova Motivation for prosocial behaviour as a determinant of the development of the volunteer movement S.A. Dupina Studying the personality traits of students within the framework of the poles splitting of the cognitive style analyticity/synthetic T.V. Zobnina, L.P. Kislyakova Features of self-attitude in students with internal and external locus of control A.A. Smirnov, E.V. Solovyeva The interrelation between vulnerability to fascism and empathy channels in students L.A. Savelyeva, M.M. Kashapov, M.V. Ilyin Cognitive foundations of residents’ burnout syndrome in postgraduate education M.P. Kalemeneva, M.V. Bogdanova Reputation risk indicators of municipal employees V.A. Komlev, I.N. Chernyaeva Assessment of the resistance to stress of candidates for the position of a manager based on modelling the stress factor “Lack of time” R.S. Nemov, A.S. Kanishcheva Fоrmation of motivation for achieving success in educational activities of pupils A.V. Nesvetaylo Features of the relationship between perfectionism and motivation in young chess players S.V. Sokolovskaia Structure-functional analyses of psychological readiness for specialists in physical culture and sport sphere
D.А. Nikitina External and internal orientation of personality of patient with a severe somatic disease S.S. Savenysheva, O.O. Zapletina Social support as a factor of parenting stress for mothers of young and preschool children
E.V. Sysoeva Advanced pedagogic support for the formation of self-development competence in university freshmen N.V. Provotorova Professional training of future specialists in public administration as a psychological and pedagogic problem
E.A. Endovitskaya, O.E. Ermakova Forms and methods of formation of legal competency of teenagers and senior schoolchildren in the conditions of additional education O.V. Minovskaia, A.A. Turygin Non-formal educational environment of the author’s camp V.V. Belkina Fostering a democratic culture of pupils as a target function of an educational organisation
T.A. Boronenko, V.S. Fedotova Research of perception of digital world terminology by future teachers of Computer Science and Mathematics S.V. Zharov, N.L. Margolina, L.B. Medvedeva Competency approach to the study of the second-order surface interface as the geometric location of points in space N.S. Kuznetsova, A.I. Smirnova Actualisation of interdisciplinary connections on the example of mastering the “Minimax” principle in game theory K.G. Chiknaverova Homogeneous parts of the sentence in English legal texts as a translation teaching challenge A.P.Eremeeva, E.S. Bogdanova Problems of polyethnic teaching of the lexical system of the Russian language O.A. Zhdanovich An Experimental Study of Cognitive Styles Incorporation in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language Online E.A. Voevodskaya Webquest as a means of future English teachers’ universal and professional competences development
I.A. Bukina, T.V. Gudina, D.A. Bukin Non-traditional drawing techniques as a means of developing the imagination of older preschool children with general speech underdevelopment D.V. Sattorova Characteristics of problems that arise in convicted persons with disabilities in the process of their adaptation to the conditions of deprivation of liberty
E.G. Polupanenko The influence of state policy on the development of Soviet out-of-school chemistry education in the 1920
V.S. Sekovanov Nikolay Khristovich Rozov
Z.I. Lavrentieva Fundamental problems of education in the context of modern social processes (International scientific and practical conference at Novosibirsk State Pedagogic University)
S.V. Bobryshov In front of my comrades... Book for the 100th anniversary of the All-the-Soviet-Union Young Pioneer organisation named after Vladimir Lenin