Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2020. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2020. № 4. 240 p.
A.M. Khodyrev, L.N. Danilova, T.V. Ledovskaya, N.E. Solynin Systemogenesis of values of pedagogic activity within digitalisation of society I.S. Sukhorukov Motivational and evaluative characteristics of the differentiation of “friends” and “aliens” in a multiethnic teenage environment A.A. Korsakova Continuity of the system of general, additional and professional education as a mechanism for the formation of the social creativity of the individual L.V. Bayborodova Features of the organization of theatrical activities among rural schoolchildren
Ye.V. Tikhomirova, A.G. Samokhvalova Subjectivity and life authorship in middle-aged women: trial by separation M.V. Saporovskaya Intergenerational conflict and psychological well-being of family A.S. Kashapov Cognitive-resource components of eventfulness in the context of the subject’s professionalisation G.V. Ozhiganova Conscience as a higher moral capacity M.I. Yasin, A.V. Ananka-Ganin Connection between spiritual involvement and psychological well-being among the congregation of the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists O.A. Sychev, I.N. Protasova The interconnection of morality, values and legal nihilism with extremist attitudes of youth K.V. Zlokazov Representation of value and meaning in the structure of vandalism: an empirical study I.V. Popova, E.A. Serova The phenomenon of empathy in the behavior of the population as a stimulator of prosocial behavior in personal development A.A. Gudzovskaya Social and personal identity of gifted primary schoolchildren S.А. Khazova, N.S. Shipova I-concept and personal characteristics of adolescents with disabled development N.S. Shipova, U.Yu. Sevast’yanova The concept of a resource in psychology – definition and associative links T.N. Adeyeva, I.V. Tikhonova Experience in using semantic analysis in the study of psychological resources of adolescents
Ye.A. Sergiyenko, Ye.A. Khlevnaya, T.S. Kiselyova, A.А. Nikitina, Ye.I. Osipenko The role of emotional intelligence in coping with difficult life situations I.N. Leonov Correlation between victimity and patterns of marital coping in families with disabled children
M.S. Chekalina Development of competence “forecasting” as conditions of readiness for professional selfdetermination T.I. Belova, M.A. Somkina, T.V. Sutyagina Pedagogic conditions for the formation of the communicative culture of bachelors in the process of preparing for pedagogic practice in a suburban children’s sanatorium A.S. Babenko, N.L. Margolina, T.N. Matytsina, K.Ye. Shiryayev Training teachers of mathematics under the conditions of introduction of the professional standard N.V. Roshchina Psychological barriers and resources of professional development of future physical education teachers
N.I. Zavodchikova, I.А. Bykova Refining the system of principles in teaching methodical disciplines in conditions of higher education digital transformation T.V. Masharova, S.N. Vahrusheva Peculiarities of teaching law students to translate special normative legal texts I.S. Cheremisinova Principles and criteria of learning speech material’s selection and organisation for the formation of intercultural foreign language communicative competence among university’s students V.S. Sekovanov, V.A. Ivkov, L.B. Rybina, Yu.A. Sobashko Performing a mathematical and informational task “Research of the dynamics of rational functions of a complex variable” as a means of developing students’ creativity O.R. Vorontsova, T.A. Chebun’kina Assessment of students’ psychoemotional state in the process of teaching higher mathematics using colour matrix
Ye.F. Sayfutdiyarova Teachers assessing efficiency of measures aimed at forming safe behaviour in pupils of general and remedial schools U.Yu. Sevast’yanova Personality features and internal picture of the defect in adolescents with different types of dysontogenesis
I.A. Golubeva Students’ research activity in pedagogic institutes in the late 1940s – early 1970s: document analysis
T.V. Kornilova Modern foreign studies of the phenomenon of hardiness