Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2020. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2020. № 1. 228 p.
L.N. Dukhanina, A.A. Maksimenko, I.A. Bushuyev, V.V. Bulatov, Ye.S. Soboleva 7P of enlightenment
A.A. Gagayev, P.A. Gagayev On rational and irrational-idealistic in pedagogic reflection S.L. Troyanskaya Formation of media competency of schoolchildren and students in a digital culture I.N. Grushetskaya, O.S. Shcherbinina, D.V. Lepeshyov Features of social and pedagogic work with gifted children in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan L.S. Burlachenko Transformation of professional identity in the conditions of transitivity of the professional and labour sphere of modern society Ye.A. Okladnikova Pedagogic conditions for forming a cultural identity of rural schoolchildren of Leningrad Region with the eyes of teachers
Ye.A. Sergiyenko, Ye. A. Khlevnaya, T.S. Kiselyova The role of emotional intellect in human performance and psychological well-being Ye.I. Barysheva The transformation of the contents of the worldview of people, involved in a military conflict N.V. Usova The value priorities of subjects of envy M.S. Chekalina Self-regulation and its components as a condition of readiness for professional self-determination L.A. Khrisanfova, I.A. Sibiryakova Psychological characteristics and features of the motivational sphere of representatives of various professional orientations E.V. Patrakov, T.N. Lobanova Social-psychological predictors of rejection of work behaviour M.D. Petrash, O.Yu. Strizhitskaya, M.K. Polyakova, T.S. Kharitonova Understanding of mentorship by modern youth at the initial stage of professional training T.V. Zobnina, L.P. Kislyakova Study of the relationship between the level of subjective control and willpower in students - future teachers Ye.V. Ivanova The emotional well-being of preschool children and parental resilience YeS. Slyusareva Methodology of psychological diagnostics of pedagogues’ readiness for implementation of inclusive educational practice
I.O. Kuvayeva Concept of stress among workers with different levels of occupational stress I.A. Umanskaya, V.V. Golubev Self-efficacy and coping behaviour of students during their studies at a university A.A. Bekhter Typological features of the proactive coping behaviour of younger schoolchildren V.P. Zhukovskiy, L.A. Skvortsova, N.A. Zhukovskaya Stress management in pedagogic activity: basic organisation directions PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION E.A. Kolobova, A.G. Samokhvalova, G.G. Sokova, L.I. Timonina Role structure of higher school teacher’s professional activity I.I. Mel’nikova, S.S. Yelifant’yeva Cross-disciplinary integration – an effective means of improving quality of preparation for primary education professionals V.O. Zinchenko, O.M. Rossomahina Methodological basis of practice-oriented education at the university Yu.N. Zarubina The dynamics of motivation for educational activities of bachelor students in the direction of «Social Work» Ye.S. Nazarov Simulation virtual educational environment as special educational space: duality of nature S.V. Zhukovskiy Pedagogic support for professional adaptation of young officers: directions and conditions of organisation
M.I. Yasin Cognitive closure concept: history and relevant notions TEACHING THEORY AND METHODOLOGY S.A. Zhezlova, L.A. Yermakova, M.M. Kaplina Students’ mutual diagnosis as effective practice of active approach in process of teaching foreign language at university T.V. Antonova The potential of reverse learning technique in EFL teaching
N.N. Zubareva, E.V. Kireeva Variable assessments of the «school and society» problem and socialisation of pupils in Russia in the second half of the 19th to the early 20th centuries Ye.A. Volik The question about the matical features of pedagogic journalistic in 1860–1917 E.V. Kireeva, N.N. Zubareva Women’s education in the aspect of the profile of teaching and training of teachers in Russian school of the second half of the 19th – the early 20th centuries D.S. Molokov Shock-brigade of Soviet Russia’s pedagogic institutes: prerequisites for the creation and content of unpublished decrees
Ye.V. Tikhomirova, N.M. Rassadin, Yu.V. Rumyantsev Psychology and pedagogy of social upbringing: all-Russia scientific and practical conference at Kostroma State University