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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 4. 282 p.
A.S. Babenko, Ye.S. Smirnova Evaluation of educational results in mathematics of schools of Kostroma Region under the conditions of introduction of Russian Federation state educational standard of basic and secondary general education L.B. Raikhelgauz Pedagogic approaches to overcoming mathematical anxiety of schoolchildren T.V. Masharova Changing the results of educational activities in the development of management theory N.V. Tasimova On research of upbringing activity with the help of the Internet as the factor of development of self-understanding of the younger teenager M.V. Krotova Features of pedagogic support pupils’ individual educational activities in a different age group Yu.N. Zarubina, A.V. Kosheleva Empirical study of the features and problems of socialisation of the child in a young family through the implementation of its basic functions O.N. Bakayeva, L.N. Martynova Development of creative abilities in preschool children in theatrical activities S.V. Zhukovskiy Professional adaptation of a young officer to the service activity: theoretical analysis of the problem O.S. Shcherbinina, D.V. Alfimov, P.V. Plotnikov Peculiarities of psycho-pedagogic support of "risk group" children's parents at a pre-school educational organisation Ye.A. Ivanova, K.V. Aksyonov Prevention of manifestations of nihilism in the behaviour of high school pupils
Ye.V. Volkova, S.A. Bashkatov, L.V. Chernyshova Review of responsibility studies in Russian and foreign psychology of the 21st century D.V. Savchenko, P.A. Kislyakov, N.V. Belyakova Social responsibility and civic engagement as factors in the formation of safe prosocial behaviour V.B. Tokareva The study of the relationship of the locus of control and reflexivity in subjects of the educational process N.V. Usova Analysis of personality characteristics as a determinant of discrimination I.Ye. Churakova, M.V. Saporovskaya Interdisciplinary approach to the study of human trafficking as a social and psychological phenomenon N.N. Kazymova, Yu.V. Bykhovets, Ye.N. Dymova Psychotraumatic consequences of emotional abuse experienced by women in early adulthood P.I. Kamenskiy Guilt-riddenness as a predictor of interpersonal addiction and well-being in interpersonal relationships O.Ye. Aleksanova Professional expectations of migrants with varying degrees of resilience I.V. Sushkova, O.N. Loshkaryova Key issues of the development of social intelligence of children in foreign and Russian science Ye.M. Belyayeva, O.G. Gasanova Features of interrelation of anxiety and social intelligence of children of senior preschool age G.V. Ozhiganova, M.V. Tskipurishvili The manifestation of higher creative capacities and their psychodiagnostics in children of primary school O.A. Sychyov, I.N. Protasova, I.V. Anoshkin Elaboration of moral mattes questionnaire
S.S. Savyonysheva, M.V. Marachevskaya, K.Yu. Migunova Parenting stress and coping strategies for working and non-working mothers of preschool children T.A. Rebeko Skin diseases and coping techniques S.А. Khazova, T.N. Adeyeva, I.V. Tikhonova, M.S. Popova Typology of life strategies of adults with visual limitations O.N. Vishnevskaya Creation of animation products as a resource of overcoming interculturalcommunicative difficulties of teenagers
V.I. Bogoslovskiy, T.A. Zhukova Directions of changes in regional higher education institutions pedagogues' trainingin a multicultural society L.S. Znikina, D.V. Sedykh Substantiation of the pedagogic providing of students’ training in poly-lingual educational environment: synergetic approach V.N. Shmakova Analysis of self-study competence’s niveau of the first-year cadets A.N. Sivak, O.B. Polushina The problem of conflict of military students I.Yu. Yel'kina Research of influence of communicative qualities of the pedagogue on the relation of students to educational activity I.F. Pletenyova, L.N. Martynova, L.V. Barinova Volunteer activity as opportunity to form future pedagogues
I.V. Tikhonova, T.N. Adeyeva, S.A. Khazova Topical tasks of psychological support of adults with disabilities in the context of the specifics of their life trajectory N.S. Shipova, M.N. Mayorova The image of the family in adults with disabilities as a determinant of life strategies I.V. Tikhonova, S.A. Khazova Internal disorder pattern in mental development disorder: features and dynamics in childhood and adolescence N.S. Shipova, U.Yu. Sevastyanova Psychological support for dyads, including a partner with disabilities U.Yu. Sevastyanova Features of the internal picture of the defect in children with severe speech impairment
V.S. Sekovanov, L.B. Rybina, K.Yu. Strunkina The study of the frames of Mandelbrot sets of polynomials of the second degree as a means of developing the originality of students' thinking I.I. Pavlov, M.P. Danilova, G.V. Khaldeyev Methodological features of organizing the educational investigations at Geography lesson S.A. Smirnova On the issue of teaching a foreign language in high school according to the new federal state educational standard 3++ K.G. Chiknaverova Erroneous use of lexical means in academic essays in a foreign language and its remedies Ye.A. Filatova Traditional and computer methods of teaching English phonetics and their effectiveness in conditions of auditory bilingualism I.V. Zuyeva Modern technologies in foreign language training at a technical higher education institution L.Yu. Korshunova, T.N. Shmelyova The actual experience of autonomous learning methods in a technical higher education institution V.N. Nikolenko, N.A. Risayeva, O.M. Kolomiyets, M.V. Oganesyan, V.A. Kudryashova, A.A. Bolotskaya "Human Anatomy" in tables – opportunities and prospects of using graphic images
S.K. Bagadirova Interdependence of personal resources and activity requirements as a factor determining the possibility of professional self-realisation of personality in sports N.V. Roshchina Dynamics of development of professional and personal qualities of future physical education teachers I.V. Kharitonova, Yu.M. Bosenko, A.S. Raspopova Features of interrelation of self-assessment of physical development, social and psychological adaptation, self-relation and subjective well-being of teenage sportspeople
T.P. Grass, V.I. Petrishchev, Ye.V. Rybakova The interaction of school and business as a means of high school pupils’ economic culture formation in Russia and foreign countries A.S. Danilova Festival pedagogy as a pedagogic innovation. Oxfordshire Festivals (the UK)
T.L. Kryukova, M.V. Saporovskaya, S.A. Khazova The 5th International Scientific Conference "Psychology of Stress and Coping Behaviour – Challenges, Resources, Well-being"