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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2019. № 3. 256 p.
T.V. Masharova, E.S. Radachinskaya Integration of the lesson and extra curriculum activities as the means of developing the cognitive activity of a younger schoolchild L.V. Bayborodova, T.V. Lushnikova Specifics of organising supplementary education in rural areas O.V. Rozina Axiology of moral categories in the perception of teachers of "Orthodox culture" A.G. Samokhvalova, K.A. Yevstigneyeva, A.A. Krylova Preventing violence in school educational environment: cross-cultural aspect I.A. Bukina, T.V. Gudina, D.A. Bukin Formation of moral ideas of teenage children with disabilities in school socio-cultural space A.A. Krylova, N.G. Krylova On studying peculiarities of attitude to bullying in pedagogues
Ye.O. Yermolova Phenomenology of time perspective and psychological boundaries of personality K.V. Zlokazov, N.I. Leonov Subjective perception of social space: elements, centre and metric G.V. Ozhiganova Psychology of silence and productive life activity in the context of wisdom O.V. Khodakovskaya, V.M. Golyanich, A.F. Bondaruk, M.V. Zagasheva Expert assessment of psychological health of schoolchildren in pedagogue's professional activity Ye.S. Slyusareva Psychological barriers of interaction of subjects of inclusive educational environment G.A. Ulanova, N.V. Klyuyeva, I.G. Nazarova Socio-psychological, organisational and managerial support of schoolchildren’s psychological well-being V.V. Podprugina Decoding and understanding the causes of emotions V.M. Golyanich, A.F. Bondaruk, O.V. Khodakovskaya Value-intentional strategies of psychological adaptation to the professional environment Ye.А. Shereshkova, O.S. Ionina Features of viability of students with different levels of autonomy of the individual N.L. Perevezentseva, O.B. Nesterenko The effect of burnout syndrome of nurses on the quality of care N.V. Usova Psychodynamic predictors of social activity A.V. Bobylyov Manifestation of self-organisation competence at different stages of socialisation M.R. Sirazetdinov Conflicts in the sphere of military professional activity: theoretical analysis of the problem
D.A. Nikitina Features of the life perspectives in patients with a diagnosis of "meningioma" T.A. Dudnikova Cognitive styles and coping behaviour Yu.A. Afanas'yeva Cross-cultural features of coping behaviour of men and women S.M. Mombey-ool The relationship between the level of resilience and coping strategies of young people living in the Republic of Tyva
Ye.K. Veselova, M.Ya. Dvoretskaya Socio-cultural and worldview aspects of helping professions specialists training V.N. Mezinov, I.Y. Filatova Pedagogical support for the development of social intelligence in the future teacher at the University Ye.V. Dvornikova, Yu.N. Zarubina Social creativity of personality of students of "social work" direction as a necessary condition of their professional competency V.V. Iokhvidov, M.Ye. Genadis, E.G Tszyu Introduction to academic traditions as psycho-pedagogic factor of adaptation of first year students I.Ye. Abramova, Ye.P. Shishmolina Foreign-language training of students of the legal direction: personally focused approach Ye.V. Dvornikova, A.V. Kosheleva Programme approach to the formation of ideas about family relations among modern student youth V.N. Mezinov, M.A. Zakharova, O.N. Povalyayeva, S.Ye. Okuneva Formation of readiness of the pedagogue in higher education institution to development of phonemic abilities in preschool children T.V. Yakovenko Conceptual model of formation of creative competency of future vocational education pedagogue A.V. Chagina Features of intercultural communication of Russian and foreign students within the all-Russia youth educational forum at Lake Seliger
I.A. Bykova, N.I. Zavodchikova, U.V. Plyasunova Formation of the orientational basis of Informatics future teachers’ professional activities A.V. Gobysh On the individual students’ work management via e-learning environment S.B. Steblovskaya Some approaches to defining educational basics in contemporary mediacontext (in terms of the discipline "Russian journalism history") N.S. Kuznetsova, T.N. Kalachyova Feature of use of quest technologies in an educational institution of the closed type A.O. Aleynikova Methods of contextual learning in Russia and in the United States Ye.I. Barabanova Methodological substantiation of the conditions for the use of textual discursive activity in foreign language training T.P. Frolova Selection of lexical units in order to form and expand the vocabulary for reading texts in the specialty Ye.V. Alikina, T.V. Kudymova, M.V. Malkova Intercultural projects in learning Russian as a native and foreign language: experience of social partnership of a school and a higher education institution M.A. Skvortsova Technique of teaching Russian at elementary school in classes with children for whom Russian is not the mother tongue Ye.I. Kuimova, D.A. Ryabov Multi-criteria problem of optimisation T.A. Chebun'kina, S.F. Katerzhina, Yu.A. Sobashko The need for input control in mathematics at a higher education institution
A.V. Zaytsev "Critical thinking" in the context of John Dewey's philosophy of education
A.G. Samokhvalova, Yu.V. Rumyantsev, Ye.V. Tikhomirova, M.A. Somkina Interregional scientific and practical conference "Child Success Formation as the Target Function of Additional Education" at Kostroma State University O.N. Vericheva, A.G. Samokhvalova, Yu.V. Rumyantsev, N.B. Topka, O.M. Zabelina Strategies of social partnership in the spheres of education, employment and employment of young people with restricted health and disability Ye.V. Tikhomirov, D.B. Vorontsov, T.V. Sutyagina, V.V. Golubev Experience in training high school teachers for tutoring activities