Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2018. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2018. № 3. 217 p.
A.A. Gagayev, P.A. Gagayev Category of success in education V.P. Zhukovskiy, N.A. Zhukovskaya, L.A. Skvortsova Development of the competitiveness of the pedagogue in a modern social and professional medium A.A. Niyazova, E.F. Sadykova Environmental education of students in a sustainable society R.V. Smirnov Value-orientation unity of personnel as a strategy of the military pedagogue O.N. Bakayeva Pedagogic conditions of project activity organisation on mastering social and political vocabulary by gifted children of preschool age V.V. Koreneva The organisation of the work of primary school teachers with individual trajectories of development of junior schoolchildren N.G. Krylova Factors of pedagogues' private tutors' satisfaction with their labour's results
Ye.N. Dymova Posttraumatic stress and concept of psychological safety among the military and civilians S.B. Bazhutina Dichotomous constructs in the structure of the ethnic self-awareness of the individual A.P. Karabanov Representativeness and time localisation of a problem impact on binary choice between qualitative and quantitative alternatives Yu.A. Korolyova Psychological protection mechanisms in social development of adolescents with sensory disorders S.A. Dyupina Studying the mnemonic abilities of younger schoolchildren Ya.I. Sipovskaya Manifestations of regression in the structure of sensory semantic experience V.A. Lugovskiy, L.V. Surzhenko, M.N. Kokh Psychological readiness for professional activity as a basis for the competitiveness of university graduates T.V. Zobnina, L.P. Kislyakova A study of the relationship of conscious self-regulation arbitrary activity and of achievement motivation in the students – future pedagogues V.N. Mezinov, I.Yu. Filatova Social intelligence of future teachers: the essence, content, structure
V.I. Pleshko Dynamics of the emotional and strong-willed sphere of patients with alcoholism and drug addiction in the course of tertsiarny socialisation M.V. Piskaryova Theoretical and methodological character of early manifestation of deviant behaviour
V.I. Litvinchuk, Ye.A. Tolikina Methodical approaches to assessment of competences and professional activities I.A. Gar'kina The implementation of the competency approach in the development of the working programme in mathematics in a technical university G.A. Kruchinina, T.V. Shilova Study of the process of information competency of future bachelors-agroengineers in the university O.N. Martynova, S.A. Avdeyko The systems approach to teaching a foreign language at the master’s degree courses of technical universities Ye.D. Gryaznova Innovation as a condition for enhancing educative process efficiency at the current stage L.A. Ul'yanova, A.K. Perova Technologies aimed at the formation of intercultural consciousness of the future teacher of foreign language T.A. Snigiryova, Ye.G. Bulatova, I.A. Grishanova Calculation of the student's rating using the thesaurus and qualimetric approaches
Ye.A. Stepura Some difficulties in the study of geometry-graphics disciplines N.I. Lobanova The use of concept maps in the study of elements of the theory of differential equations in the system of complementary education Wang Xuemei Basics of developing an exercise system for teaching verb forms in the Chinese audience L.N. Gorobets Formation of experience of research activity in pupils on the basis of the training projects G.V. Tokarev The study of artistic style in school Ye.V. Zimina Causes of ineffective use of the Internet and computer technologies in an English-language classroom S.A. Smirnova Case method at the basic stage of learning a foreign language in high school T.P. Frolova Accounting of the contextual approach in teaching foreign languages in the system of vocational training in technical colleges Ye.N. Prusova The principle “Talking about Russia” realisation while conducting reading skills at Russian as a foreign language classes (Konstantin Paustovsky's “Yellow Light” short story analysis) N.M. Sergeyeva, O.A. Barysheva Listening and interpreting authentic texts as a means of forming communicative competence in teaching Russian as a foreign language
S.A. Arakcheyeva On the question of the willingness of teenagers to self-development I.V. Gerlakh Organisation of educational and development work club of intellectual board games
L.A. Gladun Special features of specialised pedagogue’s methodical competency and competences N.P. Zadumova, Ye.S. Troshina The study of paradigmatic relations in preschool children with dysarthria on the material of emotional vocabulary
Ye.M. Skrypnikova Pedagogic conditions that promote the participation of children in decision-making in school
V.N. Zimin "Ready for Labour and Defence" programme and physical education among working youth Yu.S. Kuchina The attitude towards health as a personal basis of the social and pedagogic help to students with the weakened health
V.G. Bozhko History of studying elements of combinatorics at school E.G. Kleyn, T.V. Ludanova «She was a pioneer of music education in Kostroma» (on the 155th anniversary of the birth of Varvara Sergeyevna Sumarokova-Morina)
Yan Jie The development of Chinese piano education after the founding of the PRC
V.V. Chekmaryov Inoculation against un-humanisation