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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2017. № 4.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2017. № 4. 270 p.
Yu.A. Lyakh, A.A. Muzayev Results of investigations in History and Social Studies in the 6th and 8th forms at Russian school A.A. Makarenko Pedagogic design as a means of improving the educational process efficiency N.M. Plotnikova Social practices as a means of professional upbringing O.V. Minovskaya Sociocultural practice of a teenage adventure in the conditions of modern society
N.Ye. Kharlamenkova Intensive stressors and psychological consequences of their experience in youth and early adulthood Ye.V. Kuftyak Age and gender peculiarities of resilience in youth T.N. Gushchina The peculiarities of dominance of the right or left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex in the professional orientation of senior form pupil I.Yu. Kadatsckikh The severity of types of ethnic identity of students of the university D.V. Pestrikov, O.I. Yurina, V.Ye. Matveyenko The use of meditative techniques in the activities of penitentiary staff A.D. Moiseyeva, L.G. Zhedunova Predictors of the viability of counseling psychologists I.V. Puchka Problems of adaptability and motivation of achievements of contract servicemen at the initial stage of service S.L. Sveshnikova The features of the relationship of time perspective and adaptability of college students O.N. Bakayeva Study of the levels of mastery gifted children of preschool age socio-political vocabulary S.N. Gamova Studying of content of psychology and pedagogic work in preschool institutions on a problem of improvement of emotional health of preschool children Yu.A. Zadorova A study of attachment of mother and child of preschool age
T.L. Kryukova Close partners’ coping with life stress: what facilitates positive outcomes? O.A.Yekimchik Heterosexual close relationships among partners as dyadic stress-coping context O.V. Kirpichnik Values`s role in well-being and coping among adults, taking care about disabled children with genetic diseases
A.V. Yermolin, I.G. Chapaykina Law and psychological aspects of involving young people in destructive Internet communities
V.V. Iokhvidov, I.V. Yungman Competitiveness as an indicator personal and professional growth of the pedagogue N.N. Plotnikova Pedagogic specialties students’ career image dynamics in the course of professional education V.V. Vasil’yev Continuous learning in educational organisations of high education of the system of MIA of Russia as an object of pedagogic-legal analysis S.N. Vakhrusheva, T.V. Masharova Interdisciplinary integration of educational process in training of associate A.A. Korshunova The role of independent training in the system of departmental education Ye.A. Kurilenko Librarian verbal communications: current condition and problems of personnel training T.Yu. Lustgarten Formation of a technosphere security specialist
A.S. Babenko Implementation of internal promotional relations of the Mathematics course at the study of elements of combinatorics at school A.A. Solov’yova The gradual development of learning projects themes in teaching Mathematics to Humanities students I.V. Boldakova, N.S. Kuznetsova Application of active method of training and organisation of follow up in studies of subject informatics T.N. Kalachyova, N.S. Kuznetsova Non-standard technology teaching science in the military higher educational institution Ye.A. Polyakov Organising e-learning using the Informational Educational Environment A.A. Romanchuk Programmed training as an element of a remote format of pedagogic interaction in the context of extracurricular activities Z.B. Zhalsanova, Ye.A. Uspenskaya The considering of age and psychological peculiarities of students at selection of text material for studying of the second foreign language in not language higher education institution Gul’sina Sh. Azitova, Gul’sum Sh. Azitova National features of the Russian non-equivalent vocabulary as a problem of Russian language teaching at the lessons for foreign students O.A. Barysheva, N.M. Sergeyeva The upbringing role of the Russian literature in the work with a literary text at Russian as a foreign language lessons (on the example of the short story «Playing Beauty» by Yuriy Yakovlev) Yu.A. Vasil’yeva, L.G. Zolotykh Authentic texts with a regional theme at the initial stage of teaching Russian language to foreign students A.N. Smirnova, S.Yu. Rodonova A facilitating model of foreign military students’ readiness for training activity in a foreign educational environment
I.Yu. Tarkhanova Socialisation of youth by means of Internet communications I.Ye. Kuz’mina, V.A. Stepikhova Patriotic upbringing in the 21st century school: modern approaches and models of partnership
S.A. Khazova, T.N. Adeyeva, I.V. Tikhonova Variants of life in complicated conditions of development I.V. Tikhonova, N.S. Shipova, T.N. Adeyeva, Ye.A. Ivanova Psychological support of schoolchildren with disabilities: the needs of participants in an inclusive educational process L.V. Bayborodova, O.N. Viktorovich Experience of pedagogic support of mentally retarded students in a professional educational organisation
V.A. Kudinov Embodiment of the idea. Experience and lessons of scouting in Russia A.Ye. Podobin Training of pedagogues for organisations for children and young people: from experience of Kostroma State University Ye.V. Tikhomirova Experience of Master’s training of the organisers of children’s movement M.A. Somkina, M.S. Petrova Preparation of a school asset in the conditions of special camps (On the example of Lutoshkin regional leading youth camp «Komsomol Organiser»)
N.V. Korchemnaya Cybersport in educational and leisure practices of modern youth
O.P. Karnikova Historical aspects of formation the concept of ethno-cultural education in Russian pedagogics A.A. Turygin, O.V. Minovskaya The ideas of pedagogics of adventures in works of the Russian reformist pedagogues of the first quarter of the 20th century B.V. Kupriyanov Provincial refugiums of non-totalitarian pedagogy (regional camps of the Komsomol progressive staff in the USSR in the 1960s—70s) A.G. Kirpichnik Origins: to the 45th Anniversary of Lutoshkin Kostroma regional leading youth camp «Komsomol Organiser»
L.N. Danilova «Lifelong education» terminology development abroad G. Rimondi Linguodidactical conceptions in the field of foreign language teaching in Italy D.S. Molokov Upbringing content at German school
V.V. Chekmaryov Multi-disciplinary nature of educational technologies