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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2016. № 3.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2016. № 3. 282 p.
On the 4th of September, Anatoliy Viktorovich Mudrik celebrates his 75th jubilee The scientific school “Socialisation and Upbringing” (Psychological school in the field of social pedagogy) of A.V. Mudrik, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Education
A.V. Mudrik On socialisation investigations integration A.A. Vesnin Problems of teaching in the context of culture of information abstraction Ye.V. Nozdryakova The principle of interactivity in education: a retrospective review of pedagogic theory and practice M.I. Abashin, A.L. Galinovskiy, M.V. Zosimov, V.A. Moiseyev Trends of engineering education in countries with high level of innovation and technological development O.I. Denisova Features of design project of the school uniforms
V.A. Zobkov The psychological structure of human’s attitude to life A.V. Koteneva Holy Writ on the nature and “deeds” of love L.Ye. Pautova Acmeological concept of development of quality of professional activity T.V. Zobnina, D.R. Pleshakova Factor analysis of the structure of the communicative tolerance of personality (on the example of students – future physicians) Т.S. Pilishvili, Ye.S. Petruhina Tolerance’s ethnocultural features and young women’s attitude to the problem of child adoption (Peoples’ Friendship University female students’ example) M.V. Prokhorova, V.M. Prokhorov The peculiarities of intrinsic and extrinsic work motivation of women and men N.Ye. Serebrovskaya, A.A. Lukomets The relationship of axiological and conceptual orientations of senior pupils with career choices A.V. Zobkov, A.G. Pisnenko, T.V. Shakhvorostova Methods of correction of destructive constructs of human behaviour analysis by tools of family scenarios and myths A.V. Onuchina, N.V. Kotryakhov Activity of psychologist-practician (mediator) in education medium Ye.A. Bykova, S.V. Istomina The problem of prevention of bullying in an educational organisation T.E. Sizikova, N.A. Stunzha Methods of reflective psychological counseling V.A. Yuzhakov The study of the psychological characteristics of changes in the identity under the action of intensive integrative psychotechnologies
N.P. Fetiskin Destructive psychic neoplasms in the structure of the personal orientation of deviants S.V. Shepeleva Background and typology of prior deviant behaviour in children-preschool T.V. Sorokina Individual psychological characteristics of adolescents with different forms of deviant behaviour N.P. Fetiskin, T.I. Mironova, S.V. Shepeleva Parameters of lack of creative work’s unsuccess and their significance in deviant behaviour genesis I.A. Kuznetsova, V.А. Khmel’nitskaya Problems of studying psychodynamics of the personality of juvenile offenders T.I. Mironova The strategy of self-realisation by means of culture of professional self-determination
E.M. Korolyova, T.L. Kryukova, O.A. Ekimchik Dyadic coping and relationships` dynamics at the initial stage of partnership T.P. Grigorova, T.L. Kryukova Attachment in child-parent relations and coping specifics in foster families N.N. Avramenko Role of reflection processes in the choice of coping-strategies with difficult vital situations for students
A.A. Dorofeev Educational space of a higher education institution as a forming factor of students’ everyday culture S.F. Katerzhina, Yu.A. Sobashko, O.R. Vorontsova, T.A. Chebun’kina The rating system in high school: change from minus to plus (for example, teaching mathematics) M.V. Kiseleva The involvement of students in assessing and improving education quality S.V. Кurochkina Values of participating in innovative forms of employment (in terms of students of Demidov Yaroslavl State University) Ye.V. Lapina Organisational-pedagogic conditions of development of professional knowledge , values of pedagogue in the system of improvement of professional skill L.S. Podymova, O.Ye. Yermakova Experience in the implementation of the programme of formation of individual style of innovative activity of the teacher in the process of professional training S.A. Nikitina Upbringing female students of military higher education institution in the structure of military education
M.A. Volkova, Ye.M. Karpova Using of interactive studying forms in the process of creating students competences I.Ye. Abramova, O.M. Sherekhova, Ye.P. Shishmolina Teaching students to speak English: foreign language anxiety A.A. Kachalkin The specificity of teaching the discipline “Latin language and basics of medical terminology” at the medical faculties A.S. Babenko, N.L. Margolina, T.N. Matytsina Features of preparation of experts on scan jobs with detailed answer of the unified state examination in Maths S.B. Kozyrev, V.S. Sekovanov Students’ creative qualities formation at institutions of higher education when studying quinary Cantor set M.O. Omarova, H.A. Alizhanova, O.M. Omarov Design activity in system of vocational training of future pedagogues V.S. Sekovanov, A.O. Smirnova Development of students’ ideation flexibility when studying structure of fixed points of polynomials of a complex variable
N.Ye. Gribanova Research into ninth-formers’ moral values A.V. Afanasov, I.G. Kharisova Preparation of future teachers to the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation I.V. Gerlakh, V.I. Spirina Volunteering in the training of future pedagogues V.A. Sidorkin, S.V. Kosov Psycho-pedagogic components forming fireproof children’s behaviour
L.A. Vacheyan Possibilities of using the audiodescription technology in correction-developing work with visually impaired children V.V. Yershova Features of the formation of sensory standards for children with complex hearing and vision D.V. Uklonskaya, Viktoriya Ye. Agayeva The main directions of speech therapy for the correction of articulatory part of speech in congenital anomalies and acquired defects and deformations of maxillofacial area N.A. Derevyankina Psychological peculiarities of volunteers who conduct inclusive activity
O.N. Vericheva, Ye.Ye. Smirnova Technologies of sociopedagogic maintenance of poorly transportable categories of children and youth
A.M. Loshchakov, A.V. Pakholkov The role of social and preventive work among the rural population
V.A. Kudinov Teenagers’ and youth’s organisations historical causation
O.V. Boltykov Views on the civil education in the heritage of Russian pedagogues of the first part of the 19th century N.O. Bleikh The state of education in the North Caucasus in the pre-revolutionary period of the early twentieth century in the context of national prophetism O.R. Lagutina From the gistory of development of theories of training to do justice to volume in drawing portraits in Russian investigations M.A. Chuvina Art education in Kostroma in the first years after the 1917 revolution T.V. Kul’nevich, T.A. Kozlova Love as a basic pedagogic concept of historical and cultural heritage
V.A. Kudinov International scientific-practical conference “Children’s and Youth Movement: History and Modernity”