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Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2016. № 1.
Citation link: Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociokinetics. 2017. № 1. 264 p.
A.G. Pashkov Person in the conditions of information civilisation: where electronic «gadgets» are leading human O.S. Shcherbinina Methods and techniques of pedagogic stimulation of development of gifted senior schoolchildren Kh.A. Alizhanova, R.T. Gadzhimuradova Mathodological bases, strategy, aims and main goals of profile education I.A. Ardabatskaya Informal education in schools: problems and prospects Yu.S. Reprintseva Forms of the organisation of cognitive activity of the trained in the conditions of valuable training (on the example of school Geography) M.Yu. Biryukov Analysis of conceptions of origin of concept is artistic taste I.G. Gerashchenko, N.V. Gerashchenko Thoughtful question and its role in formation of culture of thinking V.P. Zhukovskiy, N.A. Zhukovskaya Theoretical and methodological approaches to development deontological competence of the teacher A.A. Kireyeva, L.R. Uvarova About professional stability and mobility of a pedagogue B.V. Aleksandrov The modern idea about attitude of convicts to work in penitentiary institutions Yu.Yu. Berezina, O.V. Zabrovskaya Formation of preschool children’s self-image by means of portraiture
L.Z. Lyavit Egoistic motivation: experimental results and theoretical discourse Yu.V. Kuznetsova The analysis of the research of cognitive mechanisms of the formation of the success of modern person I.G. Samoylova, L.V. Tyurina Characteristics of forgiveness in yongsters with different levels of personal egocentrism T.V. Markelova, V.V. Katunova, Zh.A. Shutkina, S.I. Kosheleva, Yu.V. Fatina Interrelation of level of personal responsibility of the woman and style of experience of pregnancy Ye.A. Kol’tsova Post-traumatics tress in mothers of disabled children Yu.A. Korolyova Sociogenic needs as the basis of socio-psychological competence of adolescents with developmental disabilities Ye.V. Morodenko, Ye.A. Medovikova Individual features of the personality of students of the dual system education at the university at different stages of the educational process M.V. Gorbachyova The theoretical aspects of studying temporal transpective of personality in context of the formation of professional self-determination of college students Yu.V. Potapova Gender features of emotional separation development in the youth age Ye.A. Shereshkova Features of psychological health of teenagers who are brought up in a family and at cadet boarding school A.V. Yablokova Characteristics of styles of cognitive sphere of children of 6—7 years L.I. Selivanova The psychological contract as the basis of formation of HR brand organisation Ye.B. Filinkova The perception of conflicts in the workplace by the entrepreneurs and hired the workers M.R. Arpent’yeva Хenopsychology model of social-psychological counseling Ye.A. Pyr’yev Emotions in the motivation structure of higher education institution students’ academic and training activity
A.V. Kotenyova Personal levels and life support system of personality in stressful situations M.V. Bogdanova, O.I. Terekhova The effectiveness of coping with the emotional state in a situation of interpersonal conflict
Ye.V. Baranova The relationship of humanitarian and technical components in the system of education of technical university students O.Ye. Yermakova Psycho-pedagogic bases of formation of individual style of innovative activity of the teacher in the process of professional training D.A. Mikailov Essence of formation of legal competency of future Bachelor of Pedagogy T.V. Sutyagina Place and role of teaching practice in modern professional preparation of Bachelors of pedagogic education D.M. Koshlakov, N.A. Nozdrina Professional interests of students of the sociological department (on the example of graduates of Bryansk State Technical University) G.A. Nikitin, S.V. Pavlova Objective society demand and methodological conditions of technical merit formation of future bachelors based on ethnoaesthetic values V.S. Sekovanov, A.S. Fateyev, N.V. Belousova Students’ thinking flexibility development when constructing Feigenbaum tree algorithms in different media Ye.V. Sysoyeva Disclosing criteria and indicators of students’ personal development N.S. Сhernyshyovа Modelling of self-improvement by psychology department students Ye.I. Charushina Impact of the organisation of pre-professional training in the selection of applicants educational institution
N.A. Aleksandrova, A.A. Piguzov Experience of application of distance learning system MOODLE in teaching curriculum subjects to students of direction «Management» A.A. Boykov Constructive geometrical basis and the method of automated assessment of drawings for learning system N.Yu. Milovanov Transcoding as the reception of formation at school students of the system of concepts of mathematical analysis N.A. Prusova Electronic textbook as a means to improve the efficiency of teaching discrete mathematics A.I. Ratyni, G.F. Gabdulsadykova, I.M. Ustinova, A.S. Parfyonov Comparative analysis of different forms of conducting practical classes in physics Ye.V. Zimina The importance of descriptors in the competence-based models of teaching foreign languages N.A. Alekseyeva Forming communicative creativity program on the English Language N.I. Pantykina The role of interactive methods in terms of the students’ social-cultural competency in the process of learning foreign languages I.V. Zuyeva, N.I. Zuyeva Prospects for the development of professional communication L.A. Roganova Learning grammatical events of the English language at higher education institution with the help of music videos S.Yu. Tyurina Foreign language course: extracurricular activity of master degree students in technical university Ch.B. Kozhaliyeva, Yu.A. Shulekina Selection conditions of language material of training instructions in teaching children with mental disabilities A.A. Talykh, V.D. Lobashyov The process of studying of disciplines in the educational field «Technology»
T.Yu. Bol’shakova, I.V. Popova Integrative artistic activity as psychological condition for the formation of social adaptation I.G. Laptev Social significance of musical aesthetic education Ye.V. Aleksandrova Musical creativity in system of social and cultural upbringing of the person I.N. Grushetskaya Social-pedagogic maintenance of self-realisation of student youth in leisure acitivity V.I. Kolesov, Yu.N. Kazakov Pedagogic model in vital strategy of the person in the conditions of post-penal system M.S. Petrova The characteristic of social and cultural environment of a higher education institution (using the example of the Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology of Nekrasov Kostroma State University) P.M. Siminovsky, V.A. Fokin Social upbringing of pupils in conditions of the Crimea expedition
M.V. Voronov, A.A. Tokman, V.V. Karpov Model of formation of students’ motivation health protection and promotion G.A. Gutorova, Yu.A. Ukraintseva, S.A. Dayneko Dynamics of changes in the physical qualities of the girls involved in the section of step-aerobics
V.Y. Fertser, N.K. Kutyakova Integration with social environment is the basis of pedagogic activities of educational institutions in 1920—1930s E.G. Kleyn, T.V. Ludanova Kostroma people’s conservatory (to the 125th anniversary of children’s music school named after Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov) N.F. Basov The merchant, the millioner, the philantropist and the Athonite monk Innokentiy Mikhaylovich Sibiriakov (1860—1901)