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Aleksandra S. Grebеnkina
The Civil Defence Academy of EMERCOM of DPR
Psychological and pedagogic aspects of mathematical training of future engineers of fire-technical specialties
Grebenkina A.S. Psychological and pedagogic aspects of mathematical training of future engineers of fire-technical specialties s. Vestnik of Kostroma State University. Series: Pedagogy. Psychology.Sociokinetics,2022, vol. 28, № 1, pp. 163-169.
УДК: 614.8
Publish date: 2022-04-20
Annotation: The article studies the problem of difficulties in studying mathematics by future engineers of fire and technosphere safety. The main difficulties include cognitive, motivational and practical ones. In order to overcome them, it is proposed to implement a practice-oriented approach to learning. The characteristic features of the difficulties in learning mathematics that arise in cadets of fire-technical specialties are described. Possible pedagogic methods leading to an increase in the understanding of the educational material in mathematics by cadets are indicated. It is proposed to bring the content of mathematical disciplines in line with the qualification requirements for a civil protection engineer so that they can overcome cognitive difficulties. Thus, it is recommended to leave only those sections that find practical application in the performance of a specialist of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Conditions are indicated that allow the replacement of strict mathematical formulations by simplified explanations. The author's approach to the organisation of classes in mathematics is proposed in order to overcome motivational difficulties. In order to form the practical professional experience of cadets in teaching mathematics, it is recommended to conduct classes with the involvement of certified specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and on-site classes. The course of such studies is described. In order to overcome practical difficulties, it is proposed to fill the content of mathematical disciplines with practice-oriented mathematical problems. The requirements for the condition of such problems are formulated, examples are given.
Keywords: further mathematics, practice-oriented learning, content of mathematical disciplines, difficulties in mathematics, motivation to study mathematics, practice-oriented task, fire safety, technosphere safety.
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Author's info: Aleksandra S. Grebеnkina, Candidate of Technical Sciences, The Civil Defence Academy of EMERCOM of DPR, Donetsk,,